Monday, April 25, 2011

Eight Points of An Inspired Life - Keys to Happiness

• HONOR for true self.
• FORGIVENESS for self and all.
• GRATITUDE in everything.
• CHOICE with open mind and heart.
• VISION with powerful intention.
• ACTION with bold courage;
• CELEBRATION with joy;
• UNITY with all creation.

The Eight Points of An Inspired Life work together to enable us to take charge of our life and make intentional choices for joyful living.

Consider making these Affirmations of an Inspired Life a part of your daily expression of intent:

• HONOR - I Honor My True Self
• FORGIVENESS - I Forgive Myself and All Others with Compassion
• GRATITUDE - I Receive ALL of Life with Thanksgiving
• CHOICE - I CHOOSE with Open Mind and Open Heart
• VISION - I Dream with Powerful Intention
• ACTION - I Act with Bold Courage
• CELEBRATION - I Dance with a Light Heart
• UNITY - I Am One With Spirit and All Creation

Here are extended versions of these affirmations.

I Honor My True Self - I grant myself the Honor of being ME. I am unique in all time and space. I am beyond perceived scarcity, obligation, and the need for approval. I am Honored that Spirit has chosen to create ME.

I Forgive Myself and All Others with Compassion - I forgive everyone, especially myself, for all actions and all inactions throughout my entire life. I accept that no one else has ever been to blame for either my joy or my suffering. The entire cause of all my joys and all my sufferings is my own emotional response to the events of my life, and I am committed to consistently distinguishing between my feelings about events and the physical occurrence of those events. I declare that everyone who has ever played any role in any of the events of my life is entirely without fault.

I Receive ALL of Life with Thanksgiving - I have gratitude for EVERYTHING that has ever occurred to bring me to this moment. I give thanks for the joys and the sufferings, the moments of peace and the flashes of anger, the compassion and the indifference, the roar of my courage and the cold sweat of my fear. I accept gratefully the entirety of my past and my present life.

I CHOOSE with Open Mind and Open Heart - I renounce all assumptions and expectations, and I declare that I will thoughtfully consider all possibilities. I will CHOOSE with courage, awareness, consciousness, and compassion toward all.

I Dream with Powerful Intention - Opening my mind to Spirit, I trust my intuition to deliver powerful visions of my inspired future, and I empower my intent to transform those visions into reality.

I Act with Bold Courage - Taking inspiration from the powerful vision of my future, I boldly set sail with courage and intent. I hold my course with focused attention and relentless commitment, as I weather the storms of life.

I Dance with a Light Heart - I play with life, laugh with life, dance lightly with life, and smile at the riddles of life, knowing that life’s only true lessons are writ small in the margin.

I Am One With Spirit and All Creation - I give thanks for the unity of all creation and for EVERYTHING that has brought me to this moment. I release my entire being to the gentle nurture of Spirit.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friends that are not real

so it was all going well,and i was happy i was making new friends untill i heard her talking about me with her friends and she just said she don't like me and she hates currently feeling sick as i thought she liked me,am trying to keep positive but why does it have to be that each time you try to find peace and happiness someone ruins it,is it the way it's supposed to be am i supposed to suffer this bad,i feel so sorry for her because she lost the trust of someone who could have been a good friend to her...she used me....she literally used the word hate.....she is so can i smile at her tomorrow and pretend that everything is okay?some people live at the moment if only they new the truth behind every person they say bad things at :(

(posted by downcasted)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talking Chances

I'm about to risk everything and wager my heart. I'm about to take a chance and be courageous. Please listen and know I'm speaking from my heart.

In the last few months something has changed for me. An awakening of sorts. We've grown beyond the need to impress one another. We don’t hold back the things we did in the beginning. There exists a comfortable place between us where honesty prevails and fear finds no shelter. It brings a sense of freedom I've been missing from my life for so long.

I want this to happen. I want you and I to happen. I'm ready for it. I've done my best to clean out the old hurts and insecurities to make room in my heart and my life for you. I'm not a fool who expects every day to be as exciting as the next, but rather I am someone who knows how to find the uniqueness in each passing day. How to see you each day through new eyes. I appreciate that every new day, in some small way you will wake up a different person. You will have seen something new, experienced something different, and will therefore be changed by it. Just as I have awoken each day to find myself changed by you.

My need for you has grown with each passing day, and so has my need to give of myself to you. It is my hope that you are ready and willing to accept all that I have to give. You deserve all the things your heart longs for. Even though I can't guarantee you everything, I can promise that it'll be my every effort to try. How can I offer anything less to the person who holds within them the makings of all of my hopes and dreams?

Take your time to think about all of this. Know that I am now as honest as I have ever been. Know that I love you.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

When You're Weary, Feeling Small, When Tears Are In Your Eyes ...

OK, "I can't dry them ALL", but I do,really, care about people. I won't judge you or reject you, though I might not agree with you and I might tell you that, if it seems necessary. I will always try my best to understand and I will be as real as I can. You be as real as you can too :-) ...I will try to encourage you and make you feel valuable and precious... mostly because, wll..., YOU ARE! ....Please feel free to contact me.