Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad Timing

Okay today I checked the google pagerank checker and this blog of mine went up again to rank 2. It was rank 3 before and it went down to zero and then it went up again. Yey, I am glad but my other blog is rank 2 but I bought a new domain to that blog just this week. I shouldn't do it. And also my other blog Joemadel-2 is rank 3 but I bought a new domain to that blog and now it's zero hmmm..

Anyway, I learn a new lesson today. If I make a new blog I have to buy a new domain right away. So, I won't regret changing my url.

Hang out

We just got home today from Katy Texas, we visited cecil and then we went to the Katy Mills, We had fun together, I am really thankful to my friend Nora because I can go everywhere now hehehe..I can't drive yet so, she picked me up and go have fun together..When on the way back home Joel wants to eat at Chineese buffet or at mexican restaurant and I told him that I can't eat because I am too full, sleepy and tired. heheh so he just order food to bring home so I can relax..

Anyway, I am going to post photos later tired, wanna sleep now.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tomorrow my friend is going to pick me up again we are going to Katy Texas, we are going to visit one of our friend in Katty. I never been in Katty Texas. Katty is a little far from Houston it's about one hour drive or more..

Anyway, can't wait to go tomorrow and have fun!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wild Blackberries

Hubby and Joey was picking blackberries this afternoon and he got lots of blackberries. They are very good. Love them.
Wild blackberries are like the ones you buy, but it is better. Among the best-known berries in America, you can find them wherever you live.

Photos below are wild blackberies. They are good fruits.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hotels in Los Angeles

My husband is looking for Hotels in Los Angeles California yesterday and it takes him a long time to find what and where he wanted to stay so, Yesterday I told him about this website and he actually like it. As a matter of fact he already booked a hotel for us just today. We are going to Los Angeles on May 10-13 and I am glad I told him about It really helps him find a hotel that he likes and he wanted to stay. Actually, I never been in Los Angeles and I am glad we're going this time. Thanks to we found hotel for us.

We are going to stay Wilshire Plaza Hotel Joel choose Wilshire Plaza because it's not that expensive and they have a pool too so in the evening time we have time to relax in the pool I know Los Angeles is hot. I am excited to go.

Anyway guys if you are looking for hotels online try You can search 30 sites at once, they have costumer reviews and ratings too so you will know what's the best hotel you wanted to go and stay.

My husband can relax now because he already booked hotel for us. I am excited!

Hotels Combined is a unique free tool that searches multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously to help you find the lowest rate instantly. They research hotels like,, and many more.

I love San Antonio Texas, The river walk, and Galveston. That's the only places that we always go. And now I can go to LA. Can't wait to go.

Compare,,,, at once!

Baby playing with cobra?

Oh my gosh! This is scaring me. I visited one of my friends blog and I saw this on her post and I wanted to post and share this here. That really stupid video. THey think it's funny that the baby plays with the cobra. It's really not funny at all it's scary. I am scared of snake I can't even touch them. And this video is really scared me.

A call

Okay, I bought one of the filipino card that I mentioned in my previous post, I sign up and after I sign up they called on my cellphone for activation then after that I can buy card whenever I want. And I bought one and it works really good. I talked to my family in Philippines. And they are doing really good.

Anyway, today I am going to do

Monday, April 21, 2008


My new green card is finally arrived, thank goodness. We've been waiting and waiting and finally friday it came to our mailbox. And we are very glad..and I can go back to Philippines now. Yohoo!

Joel is working on my passport, we are going to renew it, it's gonna expired on November so we have to renew it pretty soon. Hubby is working on my pasport and I hope we can submit it to L.A this week.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

International Phone cards

Okay, this month I called my mother in Philippines directly from my cellphone to my mother's cellphone. And I also called my sister-in-law in Canada without calling cards and I am so worried if my bills go up and today I checked the balance and I can't believed it. It's really high. Oh my gosh! I don't know if I am going to tell my husband about it or not.

I used to buy calling cards when I call my parents in Philippines but this time I didn't do it because I thought I talked to them not so long but I guess I did. So, next time I am not gonna call them without buying online phone cards so I can save money from calling my family in Philippines. I never used this filipino phone card but I am going to try to buy it.

Okay, that filipino phone card above is really cheap, I can't believe it. I am going to buy that card they really have cheap phone cards and they have low rates it just only 7.04cents per minute? Did I see it right? And they don't have connection fee unlike other phone cards everytime the phone rings and nobody will answer they will charge you minutes. You didn't even talk to your family and you are out of minutes already.

Guys, I know you call your friends and family International and if you need calling cards online I will surely recommend to visit this website

And this filipino phone card above I will recommend this to my filipino and filipina friends here in US. 7.4cents per minute? That is extremely cheap for me. Because I used to buy cards 19.0cents per minute that was high but this one is really cheap. And it is even cheaper if you call in Manila it is 5.43¢. Looks like Phone cards avenue is the cheapest

Phone Cards Avenue provides the best international calling cards online! All their phone cards are delivered online instantly so we can make the call right away. Buying phone cards online has never been this easy!

I am going to buy this tonight and I am going to tell you if that is really good or not but for me they are the best even if I didn't use them. Because they low rates calling cards plans and also when you buy it you have 3% cash back.

Not just that Guys they have many other phone cards that is low rates. But this filipino phone card is what I really need. I am excited to try it tonight.

Phone Cards Avenue provide cheap international phone cards and allow customers to save 80% or more over regular long distance providers like at&t, sprint, and such.

So, guys visit them now. I am sure I am going to bookmark their website.


Okay, yesterday I study the manual about driving. But I need to study more to be ready to the written exam. And this afternoon I will try not stay in the computer because I have lots of things to do in the house I am going do some housework today. I am gonna do some laundry and clean the house. And arrange Joey's toys it's scattered in this bed room now. It's a bit messy.

Anyway, hope you have a good day everyone!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Plan for today? We are going to attend tonight at Joel's Nephews graduation day. I guess I can go with them tonight at 7pm. If I can't go then I will just let hubby and my son go and I will just stay home blogging LOL.

Plan for this week:

Thursday night we are going to bring the kids to their Lolo's house.
Friday - I am going to visit to my friends house near Downtown houston. (Maglakwatsa nasad)
Saturday - dont know yet...

Anyway, have a good day everyone! It's very beautiful day outside.

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Driving experience

Yesterday, we went to church at tombal, we went early so I asked hubby if I can drive around in the subdivision so I did. Then after church, I did it again. Started backing up in the back of Mom and Dad's house and went back again in subdivision and practiced how to drive and I told hubby that I am comfortable driving now. I am not scared anymore. Then he let me drive on the way back to the highway (didn't drive in a highway though) then hubby started to get scared. He told me something that you have to stop on a stop sign which is I always did and told me something about move forward a litte bit blah blah blah I know what I am doing and told him to stop telling me I know what I am doing.

The first time you drive I am sure you were nervous and can't drive straight that is normal for the beginners I guess and how can we learn if we didn't practice a lot? There was a guy at the back of me and he was mad at me because I didn't drive straight I was kinda waiving on the road feels like I was drunk when he passes me he showed me the way I drive, I know it's aggravating to them but I don't care. I want to learn how to drive. I know I didn't do a good job but at least I am trying to learn. Next time I drive I am going to write in the back of our pick up truck like this"Just practicing how to drive be patience on me" maybe that they don't get mad on me and they will understand me.

Hmmm..I was really upset to hubby because he made me scared. I was so comfortable driving and then he just scared me to death. He thinks that I don't know what I am doing. He is not a good driving instructor..hayyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

Do you have any driving experienced that you can't forget? You can share it to me here I would love to hear it. I am just a bigginer have to practice on driving more often so I get better and take exam pretty soon..

Friday, April 11, 2008

So high

Everything in Philippines are expensive now. Can't believe it. I watch news everyday GMA and TFC about what's going on in my country. I just can't believe everything is so high now. And also they have rice crisis. In Philippines we eat rice everyday 3x a day unlike here in America. We eat rice once in a while. Feel so bad..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Craving for Icecream?

We went to Asian store at Hongkong Market here in Houston, Nora bought this Buko Salad Selecta Icecream. That was really good. That is philippine product. One of the best Icecream in PI for me. But it was a bit expensive than Hubby's favorite Icecream Bleubell. Well, they are expensive because they are imported. Many pinoy/pinay is craving Buko Salad Ice cream like nora and me if you are craving selecta? You can found them at hongkong Market. Go run...get 'em!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Can you eat this fruit?

Saturday, my husband was grilling outside and when I went outside in our backyard I saw this fruit. I don't know what kind of fruits are they, I am wodering if we could eat them or not? Maybe if you could eat this kind of fruits this would be gone by now in our backyard. I think you can't eat this I don't know when I smell it, it smells sweet but I am scared to try it. I am just curious about this fruit. What do you call them?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Love Phalaenopsis

I love this color pink Phalaenopsis orchid flower but don't know how to take care of it. We bought this kind of orchid but it didn't last long to us. Love plants but cant grow Orchid bwahaha..
In philippines we have lots of orchid flower it stays alive because we don't have winter. One of my friend in PI they got lots of Orchid flower. Looks so beautiful in their yard.

Anyway, Everytime we bought this orchid, it died it stays long for a year but later on it died. We love it but we don't buy them anymore. They are so pretty I really love them but can't grow them longer..

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My blog

This is my blog thumbnail so cool. With Downtown pictures on it.

Anyway, Happy tuesday everyone! April is here already time and days are so fast. Am not looking forward this summer. Summer in Texas is really hot. Hotter than Philippines.