Friday, August 31, 2007

Bohol Pictures, Beaches,hotels, caves, peaks..

Nacopya kolang to ha ganda kasi eh..i like it..
Infinity Pool at Alona Palm Beach Resort

The Alona Beach

Sagbayan Peak

Bohol Quality Mall

bohol tropics

loboc river

Tagbilaran night


Ealry morning picture of chocolate hills

island view
Wew! What a white sand i miss bohol so much

metro centre

hinagdanan cave
Loboc river bridge when u walk here feels like your swinging..scary a little bit..

@ the eskaya resort and spa. the most expensive resort in bohol! 125000php!
Pool?? hehehe

Bohol Plaza

Island City Mall our New and Biggest Mall in the Island.

Boracay Bohol???

Villa Del Sol

Monday, August 27, 2007


I plant guava tree and now I can see the fruits yey!

they're so big..

Saturday, Joel's Parents came over in our house, Dad helped JOel to moved our washer n dryer, so Joel can work in the kitchen, And now, where we going to wash our clothes? Co'z Joel didn't put it back. I guess we're going to wash clothes at Mom n Dad's house.

Mom, the kids and I went to Sears for Jodels passport photo and am glad they do it, their's one near in our house but they were closed saturday. We're going to apply Jodel's passport next week maybe..

Sunday, we went to church.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Inis ako kahapon, naboring kaya ako so, nagpunta kami sa store bumili ng laruan tapos inis ako sa ako bana uy, hay naku deli nalang naku isuwat dani, kay personal kaayo ok...

Maayong adlaw nalang sa tagabasa!

I like this picture, I like that house...that's nice house..

That is pretty picture

La lang post lang to lakasi magawa eh..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Joel was working in our kitchen yesterday we remodel our kitchen and his not done doing it. He was tired a little bit yesterday and I hope he will be okay today, I didn't sleep good but I am doing great. Jodel is doing good and she is been practicing walking and she can walks really good now. About Joey I been potty trained him and he is hard headed sometimes he goes on and off. He asked me to go potty but sometimes not , I didn't put underwear on him anymore because I am afraid of the accident, he had one accident before and I don't like it so I have to let him wear pulls up.

Take care guys,

This is what we called Chocolate Hills this Located at Carmen Bohol Philippines