Sunday, July 29, 2007

Houston Downtown

that's pretty

that's me again

me and Joel and a ship model

me againthat's pretty cool

Yesterday, we went to Houston Downtown just looking around and enjoying the park and the views, We went to Houston Musuems, Old Houses, etc, we really enjoyed yesterday, after that we went to Woodlands Mall, Shopping haha went JcPenny and Maccys and Kohls, bought me some dresses, and enjoyed outside, It didn't rain and it is not too hot so, that was a great day..
Got home at Mom and Dads house, Jodel and Joey enjoyed playing with Becca and Tyler, we're planning to spend the night at their house but we came home early so, we decided to go back home, so I could sleep better, and I am glad we did, Had a goodnight sleep lastnight and I am ready to go to church right now...gotta go..

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Having fun

Yesterday we went to Galveston Island. We went to Rainforest and that was pretty. And we went to see the Dinasaures alive exhibit and Joey scared to death haha..that was really cool. We went walking in the beach and we rode in a ferry going to Baltiver Beach.The beach there looks dirty because of the rain. We didn't stay long and went back to seawall.

Nyway, Joel next July 4, we need to go see the fireworks and no more laziness okay?? that's what happened yesterday, I asked him to stop on the way back to downtown houston to see the fireworks but he didn't because he is lazy. We saw it on tv and that was really beautiful. We wished that we see it in real.

Monday, July 2, 2007

July 1st- Joey's birthday

Saturday- we went to Toysarus to get him a birthday gift, we gave him trycle for kid. He loves it. Then, I made him a birthday cake. Yesterday at church Bro. Jim brought him a birthday cake too if I've known that Jim's gonna give him one then I shouldn't make one but that is okay. Now, we have a lots of cake who's gonna eat it all????maybe just me..I am in diet lol...

July 14, we are going to have a big party a triple birtday.. so, i am going to make a thomas train cake haha don't think I can make one like thomas that is hard I might going to put train on top of the cake that would work...

So, today it's raining here makes me wanna go to sleep.